Project goods of Sinooil brand

Windscreen washer

Antifreeze "Sinooil". To be applied for cleaning the car windows, protects the car glass from freezing, effectively dissolves the dirt, leaves no stains, plaque, iridescent films on glass, neutral to the body paintwork, rubber and plastic car parts, contains no methanol. Manufacturer «BARDAHL» (Belgium) «DURANT» (France).

Air freshener

A bottle with a liquid. Special block with a bottle which can be mounted on the heater baffle. Spare bottles can be bought separately.

Gel flavors

Small plastic container with aromatic liquid. Effectively eliminates odors and fill your car with wonderful aroma.

Flavorings in the form of a ball

Designed to create a favorable odor in your car.

Cardboard flavors

Cardboard figures, impregnated with special aromatic oils.

Flavored toys

Effectively eliminate odors and fill your car with wonderful aroma.

Papier tissues

Designed special for everyday use, guarantee a perfect softness, durability and water absorption. Tissues can be carried in your pocket, purse or even wallet.


Do not require energy sources or other consumables. Incorporate piezoelectric in its structure. Provide a number of powerful sparks along the buttons in both directions.

Table tissues

Designed special for everyday use and presented in a cardboard box with a hole for easy removal of tissues.

Wet Wipes

Carefully look after hand skin, purified from severe contamination (gasoline motor oil soot, etc.), make had skin soft and moisturized, neutralize odors. Soft lotion prevents skin irritation. Indispensable at work with the car, on the road and leisure.

Advance-warning triangle

The advance-warning triangle is used to designate a vehicle at a forced stop and made of reflective red strips in a convenient carrying box. Required as a compulsory accessory for each car. The sign has good visibility for the road users.


Starter cable 500 А

Starter cable is required when the vehicle's battery power is not enough. It is used to assist starting the engine by connecting the batteries from other vehicles.

Tow rope

  • Tow rope is used to tow the defective vehicles. Features of the rope
  • Made of high-strength multi-line rope with two carabines;
  • Ideal withstands dynamic loads, stretching under the influence of mass and allow gradually increase of the traction. Strength of the rope is designed for vehicles weighing up to 5 tons (5 meters).

Flavor sprays

Flavor Spray is the most popular flavor, ideal for car, home and any other premise. We offer a rich range of 5 flavors which allow you to select any one  of the following scents:

  • Breeze - Ocean fresh;
  • Pine - Needles;
  • Lemon - Lemon;
  • Vanilla - Softness of cashmere and vanilla;
  • Strawberry - Strawberry.