"MediaService" Project

The Advertisement at gas filling stations is very popular all over the world. Today SINOOIL Company is a network of Gas Filling Stations visited by more than 50,000 customers every day. In this connection, as an option of our cooperation we invite you to participate in commercial project MEDIA SERVICE being implemented in 2011 at all Gas Filling Stations of SINOOIL Company.

The project is aimed at placing the various advertising materials at SINOOIL gas filling stations in the Republic of Kazakhstan. Our clients are the potential customers of our partners. SINOOIL Company annually increases its network of Gas Filling Stations in Kazakhstan. Gas Filling Stations   provide attractive additional services for the Clients, such as mini-markets with a wide range of products, ATM, payment terminals, oil change stations, etc.

The following advertising media will be provided as a part of this project:

TYPE 1 FORMAT CITY (120Х180) - a one-side placement of advertising material to be installed at the entrance of the Gas Filling Station building.

TYPE 2 FORMAT CITY (240Х180) - a double -sided placement of advertising materials to be installed within the territory of Gas Filling Stations near the road.

LCD PANELS (42 INCH) - posting of video clips, 9000 releases per month at 1 Gas Filling Station.

Carrying out of promotions at GAS Filling Stations - no more than 4 hours per day, the number of promoters is not limited.

To place your advertisement on SINOOIL Gas Filling Stations in  the Republic of Kazakhstan, please contact:

PHONE: (727) 3000-242
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