Mission of the company

SINOOIL Company carried out its activities in such a way to use the energy of natural resources for human benefit. The Company's activity contributes to the region's long term economic growth, social stability, promoting prosperity and progress, ensures preservation of the environment and rational use of natural resources.

Company slogan - "ENERGY IN HARMONY WITH ECOLOGY". And throughout its activities the company adheres this SLOGAN.

The Company is committed to act honestly and follow the highest ethical standards in all business dealings.

The Company seriously considers its obligations on implementation of its activities with the proper attitude to the environment as well as health and safety of all persons involved in the activities of the Company, and the public in general.

The following guiding principles of environmental protection are used during work implementation:

  • execution of laws and regulations on environmental protection;
  • implementation of works with due respect to the quality of environment;
  • cooperation with state, regional and local authorities in the analysis of emerging environmental issues, finding solutions to environmental problems;
  • maintaining effective procedures and equipment for environmental protection compatible with existing technologies;
  • introduction of a strict ban on smoking in places not intended for it.

Our ultimate strategic goal is to achieve a worthy place among the companies providing oil product retail sales within the market of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

In our daily activities we are guided by ethical norms and laws, according to which the operation of the company should be as follows:

  • to  provide safety and prevent any environmental damage;
  • to comply with the current legislation;
  • to conduct its activity on the basis of fair competition;
  • to conduct its activity openly, honestly and in good faith;
  • to conduct its activity with due respect to the legitimate interests of Clients, employees, shareholders, commercial and financial partners and the regions where the Company operates.

Goals of the Company:

SAFETY - high level of security is the key to our business success;

EFFECTIVE MANAGEMENT - creates the conditions for the successful operation of the Company;

PERSONNEL - We highly appreciate the contribution of every employee in achievement of common goals;

PERFORMANCE of our business is reflected in the achievement of goals in established deadlines;

TRUST OF OUR CLIENTS for us is not less important than the profit;

PROFITABILITY is the criterion of success work of the Company, the criterion of competitiveness of our services in the field of storage and sale of petroleum products;

OUR VALUES allow us to meet our corporate philosophy and strategy.

TRUST OF OUR PARTNERS is the key to successful teamwork.