Oil change station

Free express oil change - a quality service provided at SINOOIL when you buy oil in minimarket at Gas Filling Station. It's not a secret that changing the oil in engine is the same necessity as gasoline refueling. Engine Oil has its resource which can be determined approximately 6-8 thousand kilometers for mineral engine oil and 10-12 thousand for semi synthetic and synthetic engine oil.

In our shop you can buy oil for the engine and gearbox of your car produced by leading manufacturers of lubricants such as Kun Lun, Castrol, Mobil, ESSO, Valvoline, Mannol and Lukoil. Wide choice of quality engine oil in our shop will address the need of any engine lubrication. We will offer you the oil for different types of engines, oil for gasoline engines and for engines operating on diesel fuel, oil for two and four stroke engines, oil for gearboxes and transfer cases. Our experts will select the engine oil for your car, based on its technical and operational characteristics and based on decades of experience in sales of motor oil.

Changing the oil by vacuum method allows provision of all necessary works in the shortest time. Oil change by vacuum method is possible almost for all brands of cars. The main condition is the availability of car oil filter to be replaced. If necessary our skillful mechanic will wash away the used oil and will recommend and add high quality additive in the oil improving the work of engine. For your convenience, SINOOIL gas filling stations provide oil change stations. When you purchase the engine oil in the shop you will be provided with a free change of oil. High quality equipment and responsible approach to business as well as the experience are the main components of our employees.


The car heats up to operating temperature in order the used oil to become more fluid and then the oil is pumped out from engine crankcase using a vacuum pump through the oil dipstick, and then the used oil filter is removed and replaced with new one, then filled with engine oil. Then it is necessary to start the engine to check the filter operation. Once the filter is turned on, the oil pressure light goes out and the engine is suppressed; the engine oil level is being checked and adjusted. The entire procedure takes 5-10 minutes and the result is pleasing till the next change (with engine flushing and time for oil replacement will increase to 10-15 minutes). Our company cares about a constant improvement of professional skills of working personnel, special training programs for service consultants and mechanics have been developed.