SINOOIL Company offers you a comfortable full-service car wash and cosmetic maintenance of vehicles. The whole package of services are performed on the best equipment "Karcher" made in Germany using a modern, high-quality and safe car care products from leading manufacturers in this industry.

At SINOOIL Car Wash we  are delighted to offer a wide range of car care services:

  • traditional manual exteriour washing;
  • automatic exterior washing;
  • washing of engine;
  • saloon dry cleaning;
  • Wheels cleaning ;
  • Exterior polishing;
  • Saloon cleaning .
EXPRESS WASH is a car wash by using automatic washing plant. Such method of washing allows you quickly and efficiently carry out car body and wheels wash with subsequent airflow drying and excludes the possibility of car  paintwork damage  due to use of special detergents (active foam, car shampoo, wax), modern washing brushes and automatic system of  brushes pressing force  with  photocells

Express car wash is provided at three SANOOIL gas feeling stations located at the following addresses:

  • GAS FILLING STATION No. 2, Almaty City, Abay avenue, 109 B, corner of Mirzoyan street;
  • GAS FILLING STATION No. 5, Almaty City, Ainabulak microdistrict, Zhumabayev street, 134/2;
  • GAS FILLING STATION No. 22, Almaty City, Sain street, corner of Zhubanov street.

The services of carwash complex may be paid both cash and non-cash. We help your car look better even under severe weather conditions of dusty town.