Smart Cards

The time dictates its own laws. Non-cash payment is gradually replacing cash payments. In order to make life of car owners easier, SINOOIL Company offers you to join the service program for our  Client by means smart cards. Smart card is a numbered plastic payment card with integrated electronic circuit (chip).

Smart card is protected with individual PIN code - secret numerical code (four-digit number), which is typed by the Client personally. PIN code should be known only by the owner of the card. The smart card allows a limited number of attempts to dial a correct code, then the card is blocked for further use. To unlock the card at Client Service center, one should have a letter from the organization and card.

The smart card is the property of SINOOIL and shall be returned at the expiry of the contract. The cards are issued for temporary use without subscription fee. In case of loss or damage of the functional abilities of the card, the Client shall pay for the cost of the card and get a new card with transfer of balances.

Each smart card keeps the information about the content of the e-purse:

  • types of purses (types of fuel, tenge);
  • daily (monthly) limit;
  • balances on purse.

The purse on a smart card of the client might be liter or money based :

LITER PURSE is an account on the card, which is credited with amount of money, according to the client's request (in writing prescribed form). In this case, the client is able to purchase petroleum products (fuels and lubricants) at Gas Filling Station, goods (in mini-markets at Gas Filling Station) and services (oil change stations and car washes) according to the prices effecting at the time of the transaction.
MONEY PURSE is an account on the card, which is credited to a certain type of fuel and the amount according to the Client's request (in written prescribed form) at the prices effective at the time of issue the invoice for advance payment. In this case, the price of fuel is fixed and does not depend on fluctuations in the price at the Gas Filling Station.

Advantages of smart cards service:

  • Receive a detailed report on the account reflecting the transactions made on all smart cards during the preceding calendar month. This reporting system makes each transaction generated by means of smart cards transparent and allows you to control the expenses for fuels and lubricants. This eliminates the possibility of misuse by dishonest drivers which is typical during cash payments.
  • Save time on a trip to the service department of SINOOIL, as the application and bill will be sent via fax, and after payment, a remote refill of smart cards is provided.

For smart cards service it is necessary to:

  • Conclude an agreement and get an invoice for payment;
  • Make payment for fuel and lubricants based on the invoice;
  • Legal entities should provide a power of attorney to receive a smart card for individuals - to provide ID and TRN;
  • Fill in the application form.

The Client receives statements and tax invoices on the cards for the actual number of selected fuel and lubricants on a monthly basis the tenth day of the month following the reporting month. The Client may block the cards, notifying the Company in writing. In this case the cards will be included into Stop List and delivery of fuel and lubricants by cards will not be allowed. The cards may be renewed within one business day after submission of written application from the client.