Gas Station of the Month

Gas Station of the Month

In the July issue of the Russian magazine ‘Modern Gas Station’ our Gas Station N2 located at 109b Abay Ave., intersection with Mirzoyan St., become the winner of ‘Gas Station of the Month’ contest. ‘Eye-catching and colorful design, as well as its perfect location attract car drivers and don’t let them just pass by’ judges of the magazine think. At the first glance one would think that there is nothing special about this gas station, but it is a misconception. When you visit this gas station you feel the charm and coziness of it.

Before the reconstruction there were only four dispensers and the facility had been constantly observing long queues. The gas station was literally working at its limit. After the reconstruction two additional dispensers were installed, and despite the fact there are still queues at rush hours, in overall, clients now spend significantly less time waiting in the line. By the way, after the modernization fuel sales volume increased by 50% and now it amounted to 95-110 cubic meters per day, which shows how popular this gas station among car drivers of the city. The construction and installation works completed in five months. Coordination with monitoring authorities and signing the Act by State Admission Committee took another four, in general, the object reconstruction lasted from October 1, 2011 to July 1, 2012.

For the reconstruction there were used materials of new generation. In order to achieve stable and rapid gasoline flow STP 150 C-VL2-00 pumps of higher capacity with the performance of 320 liters per minute were installed. The fuel is stored in four metal reservoirs with volume of 25 cubic meters each and dispensed through two Tokheim Q500 T1 4-8 ECVR 3 and four Tokheim Q500 T1 3-6 ECVR 3 dispenser models that carry diesel and AI-92/93, AI-96/97 gasoline. The gas station is equipped with PetroVend fuel level measurement system and Durapipe two-sided plastic pipes. At the gas station there is a management system called Buk TS-G that uses Info Oil system and providing full real-time information on fuel and consumer products sales. Buk TS-G is connected to PetroVend level measurement system and Petrol Plus smart card system. It should be noted, to consolidate data flows coming out from different systems, to optimize retail sales at the gas station, and to stimulate a shift to the new level of actual and up-to-date information management Sinooil Ltd has implemented SAP ERP.

The 2726 square meters space is also occupied by a mini market, a café, car wash, oil change service located beside the gas station. The mini market offers big variety of consumer goods. Here you can purchase everything you need, not only on the road, but at home as well. Product choice consists of car drivers products, auto accessories, house utilities, vacation products, toys for children, drinks, pastry, including Sinooil brand products.

Rational usage of the selling space coupled with friendly and qualified staff optimize the gas station operation and a make possible to spend less than 5 minutes to purchase anything. To shorten servicing time there are three cashiers working at the gas station. Get energized with Swiss coffee and fresh croissants. They will never leave you disappointed.

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The jury of ‘Gas Station of the Month’ contest and editorial board of ‘Modern Gas Station’ magazine would like to congratulate Sinooil company and Gas Station N2 with the first prize. We wanted to distinguish this successful reconstruction project and we would like to wish the operator that its new and reconstructed stations would be as bright and successful as Gas Station N2.